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How Social Media Can Help You + Your Business

Social media plays a major role in every digital marketing strategy — and for good reason! It’s easy to use and cost-effective. Plus, it can be tailored to fit each company’s specific needs. If you want to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or improve your sales, social media can help. In this post, we dive deeper into the benefits of social media and also share some case studies from A Silver Lining, LLC (ASL).

The Benefits of Social Media

Here are five benefits of social media marketing.You can save money: Social media marketing is much cheaper than traditional methods of marketing. While you can boost your posts (and thus increase the number of people who see them) for a small fee, you can also share your business or product at no cost.

  • You have direct access to your audience: You can stay in touch with your clients, fostering a relationship that outlasts a real estate transaction or therapy session. It also helps you build a community: You can respond to consumer needs in a timely manner, and those happy customers can then share their positive experience with your company or product with others. 
  • You can easily measure the impact of your efforts: With a full-page advertisement in a local magazine or a commercial spot during prime time TV, it’s hard to say just how many pairs of eyes truly saw your ad. Social media, however, offers uncomplicated analytics. Platforms provide real-time numbers of engagement through views, likes, comments, and/or clicks. 
  • You can target your audience: Beyond being able to easily reach out to your followers, you can also decide exactly who makes up that audience. When you create an advertisement or post on social media, you can dictate the profile of your intended viewers, thus effectively reaching your target market. 
  • You can improve brand recognition: Social media platforms give you the opportunity to share your business with thousands of people across the globe instantly. Furthermore, those viewers have the option to share your post with their followers, making your company’s reach larger and larger. 

A Silver Lining, LLC Case Studies

Nearly all of our clients at ASL have a social media component as part of their digital marketing strategy, and they’ve seen the payoff of the benefits mentioned above. Below, we look at two of our success stories. 

For Fannie Hillman + Associates, a real estate agency in Winter Park, Florida, social media accounts for 25 percent of the direct traffic to their website during the average month, while Facebook traffic to the website has increased 57% year over year. Thanks to regular posting of targeted content with popular hashtags over the past three years, Fannie Hillman now boasts a Facebook monthly reach of 48,000+ and an active Instagram following of 5,678, ultimately increasing their already strong reach in their targeted market.

Similarly, for The Kahm Clinic, a nutrition clinic that specializes in eating disorder treatment, social media now accounts for 34 percent of the direct traffic to their website. They’ve even been able to use the newly-popular platform TikTok to a business advantage! By increasing their followers and engagement, we’ve helped them increase the number of clicks on their site, which in turn has increased their brand recognition.

If you’re unsure of how to get started on social media or how to grow your existing accounts, contact our team today!

Post Author: A Silver Lining Team

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