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Winter Park, Florida

A successful marketing plan is about more than a good idea; it takes effective implementation + consistent management for the idea to come to life . With a combined 20+ years in healthcare marketing and public relations, our team will help you bring your “lightbulb” moments to life, building on past victories for future successes.

Through virtual meeting management, our team can develop a roll-out plan for a new product launch or create an actionable, step-by-step guide to follow as you accomplish your next marketing objective. With website management, we can make sure that your homepage menu allows for easy navigation, that your landing pages include pertinent details, that your calls to action are clear and functioning properly, and more. Finally, through social media management, we can build your channels (either from scratch or existing accounts) and develop a posting schedule that includes cross-promotion (i.e. sharing your YouTube content with your Instagram followers), ultimately creating a beautiful, cohesive digital footprint for your brand.

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